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This past week Fairytale Journeys Travel owner, Susanne Hays had the opportunity to be on Travel Weekly’s Podcast “Trade Secrets”.  Since the pandemic many travel agencies have moved to the model of charging fees for booking travel. The reason behind this is because of all the hours advisors spend planning vacations. Because of the pandemic the amount of hours spent cancelling or rebooking trips was overwhelming. Travel Weekly – Trade Secrets Podcast with co-hosts Emma Weissmann and Jamie Biesiada. In this weeks episode was the pros and cons of charging travel planning fees.

Trade Secrets Podcast | Charging Planning Fees


Discussion of Pros and Cons for Charging Planning Fees

Susanne Hays along with another fellow agency owner Jamie Jones both discussed the pros and cons of why they do or don’t charge planning fees. Tune in to hear them answer some listener questions, including how to avoid feeling like a client owns you if you charge a fee.


Travel Weekly | Trade Secrets

Travel Weekly Podcast with Fairytale Journeys Travel


Charging Travel Planning Fees is something that each individual owner will need to decide if it’s best for their agency. The Travel Industry has become so saturated with new agencies opening daily since the start of the pandemic. At Fairytale Journeys Travel our main goal is building relationships with our clients. We are here to help each client the same way whether they are staying a a value or a deluxe resort.



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