Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Jan 18, 2020

An Attraction Worth Waiting For

Star Wars; Rise of the Resistance Offers More than just A Ride

by Spokesmayne on January 17, 2020

Today, January 17, 2020, Star Wars Rise of the Resistance opened at Disneyland, California. Thousands of anxious and excited people got up at the wee hours of the morning to stand in lines to be one of the first to receive their coveted boarding pass. This allowed them entrance to the newest and possibly the most anticipated Disney attraction. 

I was honored to be able to experience this attraction during the media preview at Walt Disney World in Orlando. 

Now, there was a lot of hype, predictions, speculations and of course, rumours of just what this attraction was going to be like. But, I can tell you, BELIEVE THE HYPE! 

Storytelling and Immersion

The storytelling and level of immersion set this attraction apart and make it unlike any other experience at any Disney Park, Period. 

Immediately your eyes will be drawn to the very impressive scale of the attraction/queue. When you first get captured by the First Order and walk into the main area of the Star Destroyer, the size alone blew me away. Full size scales of Tie Fighters, AT-Ats and rows of storm troopers are immediately what stands out, but everyone knows it is the small details where Disney Imagineering really shines. 

In that brief moment of time, I was able to suspend disbelief, and actually found myself lost in the storyline of Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance. It really felt as though I was being captured against my will and felt compelled to escape the First Order. Channeling my inner Finn in The Force Awakens! The ride itself is around 12 minutes long but it seems longer as you are taken deeper into the world of the good vs evil. 

Proud to say this Rebel Scum made it out alive. It is my new favorite attraction and I rode it as many times as I possibly was allowed on that preview day. 

Experience Rise of the Resistance

To experience Rise of the Resistance, you will need to get to the park VERY early. Once you scan into the park you are entered into a virtual queue and you will then be issued a boarding pass. After receiving your boarding pass, which will have your boarding group on it, you can then stroll around and possibly visit other attractions, get something to eat and get some photos. If you are not there early, you will probably miss out for that day, as once the boarding groups are filled, they will not issue any more passes for that day.

As with the wait times at Walt Disney World, boarding groups are filling up very quickly after the park opens. In Disneyland, I am sure that you will have to be there a couple hours before the park even opens to get in the line to get in and receive your boarding pass till the excitement dies down (if that will ever happen). 

All I can say is that Star Wars Rise of the Resistance is a must do. If you are planning on visiting any of the two Disney parks in the next year, put on your patience pants and plan on getting to Hollywood Studios early at Walt Disney World and Disneyland California early and being flexible in your selections for that day. However, I will tell you, it is completely worth it and you will not be disappointed.   

Chris Spokesmayne

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Photo credit; Disney Parks



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