Disney Cruise Deals: Ultimate Guide to Affordable Voyages

Dec 1, 2011

If you dream of setting sail on a Disney Cruise but want to ensure it fits within your budget, you’re in the right place. We’ve got a treasure trove of tips and strategies to help you secure significant savings on your Disney Cruise. From early booking discounts to savvy cabin selection, let’s dive into the world of affordable Disney Cruises.

Disney Cruise

What is the cheapest time to go on Disney cruise?

1. Early Booking Discounts

Planning is one of the golden rules of getting the best Disney Cruise deal. Booking your Disney Cruise well in advance can lead to substantial savings. Booking early allows you to have a better shot at securing your preferred cabin and gives you time to make monthly payments up until the final payment is due.

2. Off-Peak Travel

Timing is everything, and traveling during off-peak seasons is a smart move. You’ll not only relish lower prices but also experience fewer crowds. Resulting in a more relaxed and enjoyable cruise for you and your family. Off-peak travel is especially beneficial for those looking to save without compromising the Disney magic.

Does Disney cruise ever go on sale?

3. Last-Minute Disney Cruise Deals

If you’re spontaneous, last-minute Disney Cruise deals could be your ticket to savings. Keep your schedule flexible and stay vigilant. Cruise lines sometimes offer discounts for those who can embark on a magical voyage on short notice.

4. Travel Agent Expertise

Consider teaming up with a Disney travel planner specializing in Disney Cruises. Our Disney cruise planners are experts who can work wonders when it comes to finding the best deals. They’re well-versed in the latest promotions and discounts and provide you with information on Fairytale Journeys Travel Disney Cruise Line onboard offers. 5 Reasons to use a Disney Travel Agent

5. Cabin Selection

Finding the perfect cabin is an art, especially when budget is a consideration. Interior cabins are usually the most budget-friendly option, allowing you to allocate your funds to other experiences. However, if scenic views are a priority, balcony cabins offer breathtaking vistas, though they come with a slightly higher price tag.

 Booking A IGT, OGT, or VGT Stateroom

Disney provides an attractive opportunity known as “Guarantee Rates,” and they come in three variants: IGT (Inside Guarantee), OGT (Ocean View Guarantee), and VGT (Verandah Guarantee). These “Guarantee” rates are part of Disney’s strategy to optimize occupancy on their cruises.

When Disney observes that the number of guests booked on a particular sailing is lower than anticipated, they may decide to extend these special rates. This clever maneuver entices potential guests to book their cruises, offering them a chance to secure a stateroom at a reduced cost.

  1. IGT (Inside Guarantee): This option is perfect for travelers who prioritize a budget-friendly Disney Cruise. You’re guaranteed an interior stateroom, providing a comfortable and cozy space without a window while enjoying significant savings.
  2. OGT (Ocean View Guarantee): If you prefer natural light and a glimpse of the sea, the Ocean View Guarantee is a fantastic choice. You’ll secure an ocean-view stateroom at a reduced rate, ensuring both affordability and scenic views.
  3. VGT (Verandah Guarantee): For those seeking a touch of luxury without breaking the bank, the Verandah Guarantee is ideal. You’ll be guaranteed a stateroom with a private verandah, allowing you to savor the fresh ocean breeze and stunning views while enjoying cost savings.

These “Guarantee Rates” provide a win-win situation: Disney fills up their cruises, and guests experience the magic of a Disney Cruise at a more affordable price. It’s a strategy that allows Disney and its guests to embark on memorable voyages together.

Disney Cruise Inside Stateroom

7. Promotional Offers

Your Disney cruise planner from Fairytale Journeys Travel will keep you updated on promotional offers. This is your gateway to exclusive promotions and limited-time offers. These deals can include discounts on cruise fares, onboard spending credits, or package deals that bundle various elements of your cruise.

8. Booking Onboard

While already enjoying your Disney Cruise, don’t forget to explore the onboard booking option. It often comes with reduced deposits for future cruises along with a 10% discount. To receive onboard credit from Fairytale Journeys Travel, you must let the Disney Cruise line know at the time of booking. Always ask for a copy of your booking to ensure you are booked under Fairytale Journeys Travel. Disney Cruise onboard credits provide an excellent value for future adventures.

9. Florida Resident Discounts

Are you a Florida resident? If so, you’re in luck. Disney Cruise Line offers exclusive discounts to residents of the Sunshine State, allowing you to enjoy the magic of Disney at a significantly lower cost. Ask your Fairytale Disney Cruise planner about current discounts.


Disney Cruise Deals

10. Flexible Itineraries

Consider flexible itineraries, such as repositioning cruises or less popular routes. These options sometimes offer lower prices while delivering an enchanting Disney Cruise experience.

With these strategies in your arsenal, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the savings and embarking on an unforgettable Disney Cruise Line adventure without breaking the bank. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your magical voyage today!

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