Disney Cavalcades: Character Parade at Walt Disney World

Jun 28, 2021

 Putting in My Vote to Keep the Disney Cavalcades


I am just going to say it…I love the Disney Cavalcades! A cavalcade is a “formal procession of people walking, on horseback, or riding in vehicles.” This has become part of the Disney scene since they re-opened after Covid. They are one of the best additions that came out of the pandemic.  These short little processions last no more than 5 minutes, highlighting various characters and changing themes at different times of the year. Feeling as if I am stepping back in time to “old school” Disney, I get excited when I hear the music of one coming.  So much that I run to the end of the path to catch it…really making the “child” in me come out.


Why Do We Love Disney Cavalcades?


Disney Cavalcades

Disney Cavalcades in Different Parks:  

Disney cavalcades and character sightings are no longer just found at Magic Kingdom like pre-Covid when Magic Kingdom hosted the daily parade.  However, years ago, when we would visit, there would be parades at different parks. But that has not been the case for almost the last decade, where the parades were only at Magic Kingdom.

But now, Disney pals can be seen in Epcot areas, processions at Hollywood Studios, and waterways at Animal Kingdom.  Truly enhancing the excitement and character experience.  You may not be able to hug a character or get an autograph, but you can definitely interact with them.

Disney Cavalcades

No Need to Claim a Spot:

Prior to COVID-19, Magic Kingdom had the once-a-day Festival of Fantasy parade, which happened mid-day.  During your day, you would need to scope out the best “parade” watching spot an hour before the parade started. Once you found it, you would get yourself prepared with a Disney snack and sit in the hot sun waiting. But with the cavalcades, you are no longer squatting in a spot or trudging through the traffic of parade watchers. Now, you can catch each of the processions as they happen. As a result, Disney is a little more carefree and flexible.




Disney Cavalcade





No Scheduled Time for Disney Cavalcades:

With no set schedule, you aren’t planning your day around the parade, keeping your day more of “go with the flow.”  In addition, the mid-day parade always seemed to be one of the hardest times. When kids are tired and ready to melt down and rest. During this time, we will schedule our sit-down meals.


In addition, this is always an ideal time for families to break for the day and return to the resort to regroup. The Disney cavalcades happen at different times throughout the day (you never know the exact time). Although this is great, it also means that you may not catch all of them.


Disney Cavalcades



Disney Parade Cavalcades are fun: 

These are easy to catch.  Once you hear the music, you can find yourself a viewing spot and then stand and watch as your Disney friends pass by. Or keep on strolling right in step with them to get to your next attraction destination.

They are also unique, offering authentic character interactions, such as a pose for a selfie or a “shout out” for your birthday. In addition, over the course of a few trips, the cavalcades were different on each visit. Highlighting some characters you may never see or meet at a Character meal or “Meet and Greet,” as well as theming the season.

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