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Become a Disney Vacation Planner at Fairytale Journeys Travel

Becoming a Disney Vacation Planner


Join Our Team and become a Disney Vacation Planner and Preferred Universal Planner. Above all, Fairytale Journeys Travel is a Platinum Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and Platinum Preferred Universal Planner. Above all, we’ve been creating magical memories for clients since 2009. Most importantly, we are a full-service travel agency that helps our clients with all their travel needs.

As a result, we work directly with our Travel Suppliers to stay current on the travel industry changes. At Fairytale Journeys Travel, we are a team that deeply cares for our clients and each other.  Most importantly,  we are like family, and our team of travel agents is always there to help you in any way they can. Join us today to become a Disney Vacation Planner.




Do you have what it takes to specialize as a Disney Vacation Planner? Are you passionate about Disney and have expert knowledge of Disney Destinations? As a result, do your friends and family consider you the Disney Travel Planner of the family? Most importantly, have you wanted to be part of an Elite Agency that is a Platinum Authorized Disney Vacation Planner?

At Fairytale Journeys Travel, we are a family and treat each of our clients the same way. Most importantly, we are a team of Authorized Disney Vacation Planners that help each other succeed. When you join Fairytale Journeys Travel, you receive ongoing support and guidance to successfully sell Disney Vacations. Above all, we are here to help you build a successful business as a Disney Vacation Planner.

Being one of the top travel agencies selling Disney Vacations, we make sure you receive the training you need. Most importantly, you will receive training from the Disney College of Knowledge Program and specialized training from Fairytale Journeys Travel. This is what makes us the best Disney Vacation Planner to work for.


Do you have a passion to become a Disney Vacation Planner that is beyond anything else?


Are you self driven, business minded, and have excellent organizational skills?


Do you have above average knowledge of Disney Destinations and how to plan all aspects, including the timeline of a Disney Vacation (Dining, Itinerary Planning, Park Reservations )?


Excellent Computer Skills along with very good Grammar Skills.


Friendly, Good Communication Skills, Outgoing and a Self Starter.


Motivated to build your Disney Clientele from the ground up.


Must be willing to spend time for training and knowing the product.


Must stay current on Disney Destination knowledge.


Active on Social Media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and or TikTok.


Will be able to reply to and service client emails and phones calls in a timely manner.


Haven’t committed Fraud, Misrepresentation, Negligence or Embezzlement of any kind.


Visited a Disney Destination at least 3 times with 1 being in the last 12- 24 months.

We Offer

Flexible Work Environment

All of our agents work from home and set their own hours. Therefore, you set your own flexibile hours. Although we are not a hobby agency, only serious inquiries apply please.

Generous Commissions

We offer higher commissions in the industry. In addition, you’ll also have many opportunities to earn bonus commissions and earn fun rewards for selling travel.

Travel Benefits*

Receive discounts on travel, earn a generous commission for your hard work, and receive many wonderful opportunities to experience destinations for yourself.

Extensive Training and Support

The resources and tools we provide will help you get started in this exciting business. Most importantly, we are here to help you become successful in your business. 

Thank you for applying to Fairytale Journeys as a Disney Vacation Planner!

Please note: Every application we receive is carefully reviewed. Therefore, we will contact you if we feel you are a good candidate to become a Disney Travel Planner. 

Thanks so much, and have a MAGICAL day!

“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney

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