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Stacie Zaan

Stacie Zaan

Travel Advisor
State: CA
Ph: 714-743-7266

Hello, I’m Stacie. And I can’t wait to help you plan your next vacation. I was born and raised in Anaheim California, just down the street from Disneyland. I grew up visiting the park but it wasn’t until I had my daughter did my love for Disney grow as we started visiting more often. I now am an Annual Pass holder and a Magic Key holder. After some time we started visiting Disneyworld and that hooked us on traveling more. Currently I still live in Anaheim with my husband Chris and our six rescue cats, while visiting the parks as often as I can.

Travel has always been my passion and I wanted to share that with others. As a travel advisor, I want to help others make lasting memories with their family and friends. I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to do some travel of my own. I have been to quite a few countries, taken multiple cruises and have made many trips to Disney World. Each have been amazing trips in their own ways and I have created memories that will last a life time and that is what I hope to do for others. Along with being a travel advisor, I am also a Certified Cruise Specialist.

I have always been somewhat of a workaholic, so I treasure my time off. With Disneyland being practically in my backyard, I am there regularly. And although I have many favorites, which I enjoy experiencing time after time, I do try to make each visit different to keep things fresh and new. When not working or at Disneyland, I can be found spending time with my family, cats included, or planning my next trip. Let me plan your next trip too!

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