Meet Our Team

Jenny Hursey

Travel Advisor Team
State: SC
Ph: 843-819-0266
Jenny and Daniel Hursey have joined forces to sell family travel with Fairytale Journeys.Jenny took her first trip in 1996, and fell in love with the parks immediately. During the dating stage with Daniel, they took their first trip as a couple in 2003. On this trip, Daniel proposed in front of the castle, and a year later, they returned for their honeymoon. Jenny is a violinist and pastry chef by training, but a mom and friend by experience. She has a lot of good tips and info to share about visiting the parks while pregnant and in various stages of childhood, as she and Daniel have traveled through different parts of pregnancy and started taking their children to the parks young. Her favorite phrase is, “They’re free until they’re 3, so go have some fun!” Daniel’s first trip isn’t easy for him to remember; after all, he wasn’t even born yet! His family spent time in the parks just about every year while he was growing up, and he knows the parks like the back of his hand.When it came time to move forward with his relationship with Jenny, a visit to Walt Disney World to propose was a no-brainer. All told, Daniel has traveled to WDW at an estimate of around 30 times as a child and parent himself. During the day, Daniel is an electronics engineer dreaming of the day he can retire to be a tram driver at the Ticket & Transportation Center. Both enjoy photography, camping, and spending time with their three kids.

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